Fujifilm Powers Harvey Norman’s On Demand Software Sales

Published on Friday, 08 June 2012

Fujifilm’s cloud-based infrastructure works behind the On Demand purchasing system Fujifilm-On-Demand-Harvey-Norman1
used in Harvey Norman stores across NSW and Victoria on their software catalogue
of over 1,000 titles.

When the system is used in-store, a customer browses the On Demand kiosks to find software titles including Symantec, Trend Micro, Corel and Adobe - by platform, title or publisher, in seconds. Once a title is selected, the kiosk will print a receipt and the customer pays as usual. The payment then triggers supply of the physical software CD or DVD. Because Harvey Norman produces the discs in-store, the activation codes are also attached, which means the software is immediately ready for use once activated.  
Fujifilm-On-Demand-Harvey-Norman1  Fujifilm-On-Demand-Harvey-Norman3  
Alternatively, customers can use the system online at www.harveynorman.com.au, but of course have to wait for delivery and access codes for delivery.

Fujifilm’s software On Demand production system has seen steady growth since its inception. With the addition of software brands such as Adobe, which professional customers need for work, such systems are becoming conventional means of buying software of all types as it guarantees availability of a much wider range of software.

Harvey Norman have already had a significant level of interest from educational institutions, students and graphic designers, who are attracted by the efficiency and immediacy of the system. On Demand buying in-store avoids delivery charges and activation delays. the library continues to grow as the store adds more software titles, and the Fujifilm kiosk system, which has been working well so far in the photography area, increases familiarity and apparent choice.

Harvey Norman’s On Demand system is currently available for over 1000 computer software and games titles with music and movie titles being added later this year.  www.FUJIFILM.com.au